Sunday, 8 April 2012

Jigsaw Collaboration

This was idea was given to me through twitter (As is the majority of my recent lesson developments!)  I wanted to cover quite a large chunk of the spec (AQA GCSE PE) in a short time but i didn't want it to turn out to be a 'chalk and talk lesson'.  Watching the following YouTube video I began to plan a jigsaw collaboration lesson.

 The video is really simple and explains clearly what you need to do.  As the students are working in 'expert groups' it allows for you to move around the room and question the students and deepen their understanding.  It also allows for students to become experts in certain aspects  of the learning and they are able to pick out key areas of the learning.  This enables students to become independent learners and they also become the teachers as they develop ideas with their peers.

As this lesson took place I did very little in terms of 'teaching' I was there to support and develop students but not as a traditional teacher.  As you are aware from the title of my blog this is something I am trying to develop in my classroom.  This did take a lot of planning because I wanted to provide for every possible situation.  However the reward for this planning was clear when you saw the students working and the fact they were still engaged in the learning and topic walking out of the lesson (90 minutes later) was a testament to the learning strategies used.

Happy Easter to you all

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