Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sky Sports 'Living for Sport' Program

For the second year running we have taken part in the Living for Sport project ran jointly by the youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports.  This years project has had a makeover and as you maybe aware a lot of time has been spent on the launch and marketing of the project.  This is something which I feel has been a benefit to the project.

The students chosen to be involved this year were identified by the leadership qualities they have shown in PE lessons throughout Key Stage Three.  The project launch was also run differently this year and a mentor from the youth sport trust came to meet the students straight away.  We were really lucky in this respect, as we met Jenna Downing (Xtreme Inline Skating World Championship & World Number 1) and Paul Broadbent (Captain of the Sheffield Eagles Challenge Cup Winning side).  Jenna led the session and Paul shadowed, as Paul is new to the process and was their to (in his own words) build up his confidence speaking to students in an educational setting, now i'm 6'3" and Paul towered over me, his also is the size of a door so quite what he was worrying about I do not know!!!!

This session went really well and all of the students were engaged in the learning and came out with lots of ideas of how they wanted to structure the learning.  It was decided that the students would do six after school sport sessions which they would each take turns in leading sections of it.  All the sports were chosen by themselves and I simply facilitated it.  The sports chosen were:-  Boxing, Circuit Training, Tennis, Trampolining, Boccia & Volleyball this allowed for a number of team and individual sports being catered for and multi abled sports.  The key thing which we wanted the students to get out of it was the confidence to deliver extra curricular sport to younger members of the school and then some of our primary partner schools. 

After the six weekly sessions were complete Jenna was invited back into work with the students, this day visit had a specific focus on goal setting and a session what Jenna termed 'the six keys to success' this allowed the students to set their own targets, both sporting and academic.  they also spent time having a go at Inline skating and trying some jumps and tricks.

The final part of the session involved the students intervewing Jenna for the school newspaper.  I also used this time to interview her using specific questions to GCSE and about the David scenario which has been a great help to my GCSE class.

Next Steps

The students all had a positive experience during this project and i would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to promote independent learners and promoting a growth mindset.

The project has now led to the students delivering extra curricular clubs and leading primary events which include the planning of a sports day!!

for further information on Jenna, Paul and the project see the links below.

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